You have £400 to spend on a Laptop, what do you get?

Basically i need to get a new Laptop and i'm looking at spending no more than £400.

I will be only using the Laptop for basic word processing, surfing the net, storing music+films and it must be able to run Football Manager 09.

I have come accross a couple of options and was just looking for peoples opinions and recommendations.





What Laptop would you get? If any of these.



Football Manager 2008 is very ram hungry, so if 2009 is same I'd go for one with plenty of ram.

im also looking, but that Dell 1545 on PCW website looks canny :thumbsup:

2 Acer Aspire Ones from Asda plus 101 pints at your local whetherspoons?

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I've managed to get Football Manager 09 to work on my current laptop a dell d600 and it is very slow.

Can't decide on whether a shared or individual graphics card is better. Does the individual graphics card use more processor? Does it make the laptop give off more heat?

Have to admit the Dell 1545 does look nice. The toshiba has a decent processor, the samsung has the individual graphics card and the hp overall seems good but reports have said it gives off a lot of heat.

Any other advice?

Hi,If you want to run FM 09 you need to look very carefully at the graphics cards on them, it is completely differnt from fm 08 which will run on most. We have 3 laptops and FM 09 will not run on any of them!! so i spent a lot of time looking and talking to people.You really need one with dedicated graphics of at least 256. in the End i got an Acer 6930G and it runs FM09 great. I was advised def not to go with integrated graphics, they say on some up to over 1000memory, but only have a very low proper graphic memory and the rest is taken of your laptops main memory, this just does not cut the mustard with FM09.

Take your time, and really look at the card, i would also say at least 3gb memory is a must. You might even find a newish secondhand Gaming laptop a better deal, than a cheap new one.

Have a look at the dell outlet. They are offering £100 off Inspiron laptops. Our last laptop came from there and it has been fantastic, we took the 3 year top up warranty and my daughter scratched the surface of the laptop so bad with rings etc, phoned them up and they replaced it FOC at our home, great service, no other issues at all.…-v1

Select the one you want then scroll down and in the basket scroll down to the £100 of radio button.

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Thanks for your input.

With regards to FM09 i'm not to bothered about the 3D match engine, just want to be able to play the game. As i say my current laptop which has a pentium m 1.4ghz processor, 1gb RAM and mobility radeon 9000, plays the game just very slow.

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Something else i've just thought, i know an integrated graphics card can't be upgraded but can an individual graphics card?

It depends on the make of laptop, but yes many can

I wouldn't bank on being able to upgrade any graphics card, only the bigger manufacturers, like Dell, Rockdirect, and alienware do that sort of thing, and they have to do it for you themselves, so basically forget the idea of upgrading a laptops graphics card.
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