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    blimey, i didnt know 'green' was rationed?

    i better remember who i need to green up



    Aye it is.........but thanks for mine.

    LOL, yeah it is rationed

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    Aye it is.........but thanks for mine.

    well it was 'greening' you up on the asda thread that did it.

    i was gonna green you (oooeeer) but i had to green others first so i went through some of the less fashionable bargains which dont normally get kudos, as they are not ps3 or xbox360 deals and gave them some green love.

    i went to green someone and found im all out of green.


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    LOL, yeah it is rationed

    i swear my wife controls this board, green isnt the only thing she rations


    I've got loads to hand out..

    I've had that a few times - dont give out rep often but when I do its generally all in one go (e.g. when I make a thread asking for help and numerous people help!)

    Must be a left over from WW2, rationing.;-)
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