You learn something new every day....

    As I get older I notice this statement still holds true and every day you do learn something new.

    It may not always be big and exciting, but never the less it is new knowledge.

    So I thought it would be interesting to find out what you learned today.

    I'll start:

    Today I learned that you can perform a factory reset on HP Printers by holding down the green button and powering on the printer and continuing to hold the green button for 2 minutes.

    As I say not exciting but never the less is new info to me


    Today I learnt that the console in COD4 needs to be set to 'on' before you can use it.

    What console?

    Original Poster

    I think he means the in game console, the window where you enter commands in to for extra settings and info.

    Edit: That can count as your new thing for the day

    I had a call out to a HP printer. I've learned that if you don't lock the display panel, users will mess the settings up

    Today I learnt what you can do with the water from a dehumidifier. (Thank you Google)
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