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YouFibre/CommunityFibre/Netomnia - has anyone heard of these companies?

Posted 29th May 2020Edited by:"Mail"
I live in the North East and around 4 days ago I got a leaflet from a company called YouFibre that is essentially interested in placing fibre optical broadband/internet to my home if I pre-order. I pretty much spend all my time on the internet so I investigated into it since YouFibre does have a website, but it looks like a startup company because it has no reviews and not a lot of feedback on the internet.

I went to their customer service to get information from them, and they they don't do any traffic management and they use Netomnia as their network, which Netomnia I haven't even heard of, so I asked for proof that they can provide the service.

Netomnia has the license "Code Powers" from OFCOM and they have sent me a Speed test link of around 10000 mbps download AND upload speed from London. (to clarify, they have 10k up/down for businesses).

Upon further investigation, I have noticed that the only board of director is also known with a company called CommunityFibre, which has a tonne more reviews and looking into it people are very happy with their service.

Has anyone heard or used these companies before?
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