Young car insurance?


My brother hasn't passed his test at the moment, been learning for a few months.

He wants to get his own car, ideally a MK4 fiesta 1.3..

Who's the best to insure him with? My parants insurance is complicated, but my mum could take a new policy out but she has no NCB, but has 15+ years driving - and then add him as a named driver, but quotes are still high...

Any suggestions? Tried the usual... NU, elephant, etc.


Try moneysupermarket there were so much better than confused but beware the prices that get shown end up being more as they call them "quick quotes" so basically you have to give all your info again and still get the price as high. Also try getting a smaller engine for the car 1.3 wont do the price any justice as hes a young driver.

Best insurance I found was tesco value for me, RAC where also quite cheap try them, I think RAC appears on most search engines like moneycupermarket and confused etc. But pretty sure you'll have to use tescos own site to get a quote of them.

Also remember some insurers offer quidco

Agree with pawsntails; Tesco was and is the cheapest insurer for me.

Something worth considering as a new driver is taking the passplus course.


Many insurers offer discount rates to new drivers that have passed it.

Passplus is good but you have to pass it within a year. Some but not all companies offer the discount and if they do its not really worth it as youd probably pay more for the course in the first place.
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