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Young Link No.70 amiibo (Super Smash Bros. Collection) £12.99 + £1.99 delivery at My Nintendo Store

Posted 1st Dec 2022 (Posted 22 h, 59 m ago)
Another on for the collectors. I just noticed this was in stock on the Nintendo site. Get them before the scalpers do.
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    Is it free delivery
    You do realise you have just alerted virtually every scalper in the UK. (edited)
    It’s free when you spend over £20. £1.99 otherwise 
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    Limit one per customer, which Iis pretty nice of Nintendo.

    Potential 5 or 10% Quidco too.
    Quidco did it as 1% for me (edited)
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    Why haven't these jokers added the new Splatoon amiibo yet?
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    I keep getting a message: ‘unfortunately an error has occured’
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    thanks for heads up! One of the 10 in my wishlist down, now need to wait for the others!
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    Limited to one per customer. Thanks for the heads up op, managed to snag one!
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    Thanks. I've been waiting for restocks of this for a while. Only four more needed for my Zelda collection (but they are the older ones so no chance)
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    Thanks for the heads up. Just bought
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    Class thanks OP
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    Thank you. Really enjoy collecting these, it's just such a shame scalpers ruin pretty much everything these days 💔
    100% mate.
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    Got 1 for my son thank you
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    Do you keep them in the packaging? Is this to collect to gain value in the future or for fun ?

    I was wanting to order one,
    looks cool and I used to play the game back in the day, just wondering if you guys take them out of the packaging or not ?
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    Wow, and already gone again, didn't even get an alert...
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    Mine just arrived this morning, super-fast delivery
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