your advice on my xbox 360 faulty and games and controllers

hi people
whats your advice on my xbox 360 arcade with 2 red lights and 14 games i dont use anymore, 2 controllers white. now what is best? selling it as its is or getting it fixed and selling it like that? its boxed like new just over 1yr old
1 would it cost alot to fix?
2 is it easy?
3 how much would i get fixed or not?

whats your advice? i also have 20gig harddrive but got afew of my games on so got to transfer 1st if i sold that
whats best?


this is just me but i'd register it with microsoft saying that it has a temporary rrod fault that sometimes it will fault daily other times weekly.

which lights is it that are flashing

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if the xbox is standing its top and bottom left

apparantly an overheating issue i believe

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ok so what do you think? as to selling? best fixing or not?
as ive got elite now so no need for it

if it were me i'd do what i said above (free), if they don't fix it they'll just send it back. How were you planning on getting it fixed?

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unsure maybe xbox but dont think they do it?
if it was fixed what would i get do you rekcon?

Phone Microsoft, Mine was over a year old when I got the RROD and they collected it and fixed it for free, It's worth trying even if all they do is say no.

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