Your favourite premium icecream tubs?

Posted 31st Aug 2020
I used to always buy the cheapest icecream tubs ever, think smart price vanilla icecream..

I recently discovered Kelly's Cornish Vanilla Icecream and my life has been forever changed! But at a cost of £2 per Litre..

The thing I love most is how creamy and sweet it is!

So let me ask, what is your favourite icecream tub brand and flavour and how much does it cost?!
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Haagen-Dazs in either cookie dough, caramel biscuit or pralines and cream

Around £5 for something like 460ml when not on offer, but offers are often
Kelly’s is goooood
The content doesn't interest me, It's all about the tub itself & whether the label can be peeled off or if it's printed on. Can't have all my thousands of mixed screws put in a tub that says raspberry ripple or honeycomb crunch on it!
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Haagen Dazs Raspberry Cheesecake is delicious. So is Pralines & Cream. I like some of the Ben & Jerrys flavours too. Never buy them without an offer.

Recently learned that Haagen Dazs is an American brand which adopted a European sounding name to give the appearance of a premium product. The words apparently don't actually exist in any European language.
Mackie's of Scotland for that pure vanilla, otherwise probably Haagen-Dazs' Strawberry Cheesecake.
This was to die for! (Not a premium, but lush!)…YXW so creamy & very popular but Morrison's have got rid of it
No supermarket offers anything like it 😥👎
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Tickety Moo or Glastry Farm. Both local N.Ireland ones. Cant declare price as get them in catering size at cost price
Vanilla Carte D'or if i'm having it with something, preferably Hartleys lemon & lime jelly nomnom
Ben n Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie to eat on it's own

although sometimes i do like a bit of old school Neopolitan in the long block so you can slice it and have it between wafers
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Nothing very nice from many Icecream parlours that are springing up in shopping centres and entertainment hubs. Omg its bad news and expensive.

We have a farm near us called wholly cow and another place called Winstone's Ice Cream and we buy from those places, although who would be brave enough to try marmite flavour.. Seek out locally made for best quality imo. Kelly's is a good one off the shelf tub though.
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I never used to be a fan of Ice-cream, that is until I tried Ben & Jerrys, beats the pants off H'Dazs - The choc fudge Brownie or the caramel core - I have to stop myself from polishing off a tub in one sitting.
i used to like walls coconut ice cream but they stopped doing it for some time now. when we were in spain, i found the ice cream over there so much better quality than ours. their biscuits are also much better than ours.

but their food isn't great though.
Haagen-Dazs Belgian chocolate
Believe it or not co-ops own Cornish cream ice cream is a million times better than Kelly’s! I only ever have vanilla. And that’s definitely my favourite, even over Haagen Dazs. Definitely an infrequent treat though, £3.50 a tub!
We have Swedish Glace Vanilla Non Dairy and its gorgeous, not too sweet and hardly any different to dairy ice cream, it's around £2.50.
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