Your favourite/worst actors?

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Found 29th Mar 2011
Steven seagal sucks, can't stand him!

Favourite are Morgan freeman and denzil Washington

Jonny depp very over-rated IMO.

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Sean Penn - best actor around.

ian somerhalder is my new fav

Samuel L Jackson
Michael Caine
Bruce Willis

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Best - Jack

Worst - Far too many really poor actors out there to pick one.

agree with sean penn-pacino is the master tho imho.



Samuel L JacksonMichael CaneBruce Willis


Morgan freeman and denzil Washington +1

also Tom hanks, Jim Carey can be good (can be bad too), Jean Reno (need more films jean!!!) and same for Javier Bardem!!!
Anthony Hopkins, Steve Buscemi

Bad Actors IMO: Shia LaBeouf, Brendan Fraser


ian somerhalder is my new fav

eurgghh no way I hate this guy, almost as bad as nicholas cage!


James Roday
Dulé Hill
Tony Shalhoub
Michael C. Hall aka Dexter
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Jack Black - He is simply awesommmmmmmmmmmmmme
Cillian Murphy
Gary Oldman
Hugo Weaving
Dick Van Dyck


Eddie Murphy
Don Cheadle - Except Hotel Rwanda
All three of Harry Potters man actors - Ron, Harry and Her - man

one of my favs is James Woods

I love watching Anthony Hopkins and Robert De Niro

Can't stand Tom Cruise


Worst - Brendan Fraser.


eurgghh no way I hate this guy, almost as bad as nicholas cage!



Best - Morgan Freeman

My fav - Morgan Freeman
Most hated - Nicholas Cage

Best: Morgan Freeman
Worst: I can't stand Jason Statham


Tom Hanks
Al Pacino
Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington (Still rate the scene in John Q as one of the best and how awesome was he in Man On Fire and Training Day!)

Yeah Depp overrated but amazing in Fear & Loathing

Best - Viggo Mortensen, though he's not had very many roles to "shine" in he's still nailed them all!

Worst - Tom Cruise


Can't stand Russell Crowe or Colin Farrell..............instant off switch.

Not sure about best but the worst has to be Danny Dyer. He's just.. awful. Outlaws is possibly the worst film I've ever had the misfortune of watching
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