Your honest opinions on Legoland Winsdor pls

    I am thinking about taking my family (kids aged 4 and 7) to Legoland Winsdor tomorrow. I have got a Merlin Annual pass which I want to use to the full, however I have read some poor reviews about how crowded it is and how long the queue times are. Some reviews say I would only get on 4 or 5 rides. If so, I don't want to go.

    Could you please share your experiences of the place.


    weekends will be very busy!

    A friend of ours is taking his cildren there on Tuesday. I can't believe how expensive it is. They have been before, so I'm presuming it is pretty good, especially if they are going again!

    I just got back from there on monday....spent 2 days there. The queue's can be quite long and if your only going for one day then 4-5 of the bigger rides is all you'd get. The smaller rides for the kids is not too bad for queue's. My kids are 3 and 6 and they really enjoyed it. i guess they rode about 8-10 rides each day.....maybe more can't really remember

    Leave the big popular rides until the end of the day or first thing in the morning and you won't have to wait long. Midday - then it is about an hour a ride but the smaller rides, the queues are shorter.

    You can exit to return to your car so take some sandwiches, drinks and snacks with you.....

    Kids (3 and 5) loved it.

    The show they have in the lake is worth watching. Take a lightweight waterproof coat for the "wet rides"

    I thought it was really good but never went on anything except the hill train (son's only 1) so dont know what the queues were like. Food and merchandise was very expensive though.

    kids will love it - right age - tip - take a change of clothes for little ones as they will most probably get wet!! - edit - not probably - will!! directly opposite the water fountains is the clothes shop - big bucks!!

    have a nice day:thumbsup:

    My little'ns 4 and loves it soo much that we go every year for his birthday but during the week so it hasn't been too busy. Unfortunately he starts school in September and so won't be able to do that any more:-(


    Having been myself last year the queues were terrible in April.
    My tip is to get there for when it opens, quickly get a grasp of the park layout map they give you at the kiosk and IGNORE ALL ATTRACTIONS NEAR THE ENTRANCE, most people stop at these and admire and then get in the queues.Head straight to the back of the park and work your way back to the entrance at your leisure.This will only work if you are there for opening time and if you can drag your kids past stuff they want to look at!
    Have a nice day.

    My fella and I went earlier this year and we enjoyed it even tho it rained non-stop and we only went on 3 rides. The queue times are bad (what theme park isn't this time of year tho?)
    The most enjoyable part is actually going around the lego 'world' they've created. The detail is amazing and whilst I usually walk past this kind of thing.. we were sheltering from the rain with nothing to look at when we started to see just how cool it was..

    If we weren't Merlin pass holders, I wouldn't spend more than £15 to get in.. you have to just look at it as with your pass you are getting your money's worth just from going through the gate. We used to just go to Thorpe and Chessie for one ride and it's great not feeling pressured to 'do it all' to get your £35 worth.. I appreciate it's a bit harder with kids tho as I don't think they'd let you leave after one ride!

    i went last september and it was pants qued for ever for the rides and once on them it was a let down my 2 lads hated it too (aged 7 at the time and 12,) we had been to euro disney the month before so maybe it was carp because we had such a great time there

    We went on Tuesday with my 3 & 6 year olds and it was fab!

    The queues were bearable and there are some really good rides.

    Take a packed lunch to save on money and take the kids swimming stuff as there is a really fun looking water play area.

    Also, check out the theatre (cinderella was funny) and the 4D cinema (we watched a car racing one)

    hated it went last year with wife and kids the queues were mental, i think they let far too many people into the park and it just ruins your day, even when we wasnt queuein up you felt like you were sheep being herded up packed in like sardines terrible (what would happen if there was a emergencey???), in the end we complaned to customer service in the park and receved a free pass to come again another time (no thanks) sold it on ebay all in all a terrible experiance ,but it could be a nice park if they wernt so greedy in takeing everybodys money ( and it aint cheap ) and packin as many people as they can into a small area. never again

    We enjoyed it but it makes DisneyWorld look cheap. lol


    I'd probably say for adults, its pretty poop. But if the kids are into some of the lego stuff (eg bionicles) then its probably the place they'd most like to visit!.

    Weekend queues will be massive and obvioulsy during school term time midweek - but maybe not quite as bad as weekends. My missus took my littluns there last week. Its not a place I'd rush back to!

    In al honesty it was a total waste of money and time. The queues were unbearable. My son managed 2 rides!! The queues were approx 1.5 hrs wait per ride. Not good when u got kiddies!!

    Take your own food as it is soo expensive!!

    Personally i would not go back if i had free tickets AND someone paid for my petrol!


    Not my opinion cos I've not been, but our friends went just a few days ago and said it was amazing. They took their 2yr old and 6yr old down from Scotland, and they loved the day.


    Foosball Chum;2807243

    Not my opinion cos I've not been, but our friends went just a few days … Not my opinion cos I've not been, but our friends went just a few days ago and said it was amazing. They took their 2yr old and 6yr old down from Scotland, and they loved the day.

    Crikey! Surely it wasn't a day trip?

    I'm about 1 hour away and that puts me off! (As its mostly M25)

    I may be working here lol when i was younger i had my uncle working here so in the summer holidays i used to go ALOT like every few days. But for young people my little sister went recently and loved it and shes been a few times and now and still enjoys it. The ques are bad on the weekend but if you stay the WHOLE day on a week day is should be ok and leaving the big rides till the end or going on them straight away when you get there in the morning. I shall be having interview next week i tink.



    we travelled from scotland too...although we stayed for 3 days.......a … we travelled from scotland too...although we stayed for 3 days.......a day trip would be impossible me thinks....:w00t:

    Hehe. I was thinking that too!

    Original Poster

    thx everyone for your experiences of legoland

    Against your advice I didn take my family today. NEVER AGAIN. Went at 10 and left at 4, having only managed to get on 4 rides. Very dissappointing. I could tell my kids were getting frustrated too. Much prefer Alton Towers its much more organised.

    What hell!

    sorry to hear you had a bad day makes me soo mad to think they have scammed another family



    totally agree...alton towers is far better IMO than Legoland...more for … totally agree...alton towers is far better IMO than Legoland...more for kids to do as well.......:thumbsup:

    More for the adults too! Mind you its been yonks since I last went there. Too far for me for a day trip with the kids.
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