Your new Dell notebook and Crysis (benchmarking)

Found 14th Jan 2008
With the large amount of members recently buying notebooks and quite a few of them buying with dedicated graphics to play games with I thought it might be helpful to compare the fps output from Crysis for those of you who have the game.

The official Crysis 1.1 patch is now available for download so best apply that before trying this as it will give a level base to work from.

Once the patch is installed, if you check the Crysis bin32 folder you will find a file called benchmark_GPU.bat
Create a shortcut to the desktop for this file as this will give the fps.

I am using the fps shown on the top left of the test screen after "Last played length nn time" as that seems to be the average.

The specs of the notebook I used for the test are these:

Vostro 1700 on mains power.
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250 (2.00 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB)
Windows Vista Home Premium
2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024]
160GB (5400RPM) SATA Hard Drive set in bios to fastest
nVidia GeForce Go 8600M GT with 256MB DDR2 dedicated graphic memory
17.0" Widescreen WXGA+ (1440x900) TFT Display

I updated the graphics drivers for mine from
I'm using 169.09 with the modified INF file. Follow the intructions there if you wish to use these files.

I have set the graphics in Crysis to all Low detail, AA off, Full screen and these are the results from the above batch file run 3 times at the res set below.

800x600=53FPS average

While 1440 and 1280 look nicest the drops in framerate in busy periods make it not so nice to play at.
1024 and 800 are very playable though all res' stall at game save's.

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Hey Mike, as nobody has replied (and out of curiosity) I decided to benchmark my 15 month old Zoostorm laptop against your Vostro last night.

Zoostorm 2-6301 on mains power.
Intel Core Duo Processor T2300E (1.66 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
Windows XP Home
2048MB 533MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024 - Crucial]
80GB (5400RPM) SATA Hard Drive set in bios to fastest
ATI X1600 Mobility with 256MB DDR2 dedicated graphic memory
15.4" Widescreen (1280x800)

As I was in a rush to work this morning I forgot to bring the details, so i'll nip home and grab them at lunchtime

Original Poster

Thought I was the only one with Crysis ;-)

I did do another test with the cpu on my Vostro 1700 throttled back to 1.4Ghz in view of all the purchases going on here atm of the 1.4Ghz C2D Vostro 1500.

At 800x600 with all low settings, full screen I got 25fps average but it wasnt pretty as it dropped rapidly on action scenes.

I did the benchmark on both Crysis 1.0 and then 1.1 - Results were pretty much identical unfortunately. I'm currently using modified Catalyst 8.1 (Jan 2008) desktop drivers as getting laptop drivers is of course near impossible.

Despite my processor being below the CoreDuo 2.0ghz in the minimum system requirements for the game and the RAM slower than the Vostro 1700, you may be surprised with the results I achieved from my trusty laptop

And the results are.........:whistling:

Original Poster


And the results are.........:whistling:

Hes still having his lunch cant you see the sign:p

I still haven't been for lunch! Every time I try to leave the office I get pounced on.

Okay, I'm back.

Crysis: Vers 1.1
800x600=52.43FPS average

When I actually play the main game I generally use 1024x600
Textures: Med
Shaders: Med
Objects: Custom (Mainly to reduce pop in of rocks)
Physics: Med
Shadows: Custom (Med: with smaller shadow map size)
Post Processing: High (Much nicer foliage)
Plus the odd extra tweak.

I get FPS around 20-27 unless things go nuts.

Since I installed the latest Catalyst drivers I'm actually playing Unreal Tournament 3 on max settings at 1280x800 with a constant 25-30FPS - Which just goes to show how ridiculous crysis is

thanks for the advice with the graphics driver from [url][/url] it make crysis from unplayable at low settings to playable with some med settings at 1024x768. got the same spec 1720. Did not check the FPS

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I have now installed XP Pro on a 100Gb 7200rpm hard drive located in bay 2 on the Vostro 1700 and the performance is better than it was with Vista Premium.

With all stock drivers from Dell Crysis gpu benchmark gave 55fps at 1024x768 with all options set to low.
3dMark 06 gave a score of 3526 (up from 3335 in Vista)

Loaded some forceware Video drivers (169.04) and 3dMark06 went up to 3626 while Crysis average framerate went to 57fps with options as above.

So its looking like XP is still the best OS for those looking for quick boot times and gaming fps.

I must have spent 6-8 hours messing around with custom graphic settings on this damn game. Got it looking absolutely beautiful over the weekend, though I'm paying the price with a 20FPS framerate for the priviledge.

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Well I had a little play with overclocking the GPU today, set the core to 600 and memory to 500 as looking at others settings these looked safe to use ;-)

3Dmark06 is now up from 3626 to 4434

Crysis gpu benchmark gave 72fps at 1024x768 with all options set to low. Thats a huge increase from 57fps before the overclock.

I'm now running at all medium settings 1024x768 and get a very playable 37fps average.


Get a 1TB gfx card
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