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well i brought transformers WFC but which do you think will last longer. Transformers or Just cause 2. Just cause 2 is about 65 hours and thats it and transformers including the multiplayer could amount to a lot of time. what do you think?
btw is there anyone on here who plays the game online?


I completed Transformers, took about 1 hour a level and there are ten levels. 10 hours for single player is about normal these days I guess, I really enjoyed the game but am one of these people who doesn't see the point in online playing so traded it in whilst it was still worth a bit.

Just Cause 2 I have only clocked a couple of hours on because I keep getting distracted by other games, it's good but I do prefer a game with an end in sight and a clear path to take, hated GTA for example. The first Just Cause was good because you the missions were simple, just head to the start point and off you go, 2 seems to be all about no making it obvious what you have to do which put me off a bit.

It would take a hell of a lot to play Transformers for 55 hours online so I would guess JC2 will be the longer game.

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yes but, people spend over 500 hours on cod 6 and that is similar
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