Your recommended Cashback Sites?

    I use Quidco and thoroughly recommend it to people, but what other cashback sites have you used?

    Also if anyone knows of cashback sites that have The Link as one of their cashback companies.. please let me know



    i use mutualpoints, good for most things, but i think quidco pays more



    the link - Up to £15.00 - £50.00 or 1% - 2.5% - better rates and more reliable tracking in my opinion, and no £5 yearly fee.

    and - you get points back which you convert to vouchers. Often has retailers not listed on quidco and topcashback.…spx

    some good info there and check the comments, people giving their views.

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    Great stuff cheers guys

    I've just joined topcashback thanks,i'm already with quidco but as you say they charge an annual fee,plus i use M&Mdirect a lot and the cashback is more on topcashback.

    Also i was just looking at merchants and see QVC are on quidco, i bought Xmas pressies from them recently totalling over a hundred pounds,i never thought to look on Quidco,doh!:x

    Are you supposed to receive an email or something after joining Topcashback,ive not got one yet?

    Kelkoo also do a cashback service.
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