Your system has recovered from a serious error....

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Found 27th May 2009
Im no computer whizz and want to know what the heck this means, i hope its not bad for my PC.

So i logged on and got this pop up saying:

Your system has recovered from a serious error, a log of this error has been created.

There was also the option to click to another pop up with an error signature and another showing the files included in the error report.

I dont know if i should be doing something now to prevent this from happening again.

Can anyone help?

Thanks to any replies.

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you cant ... unless the error is a persistent one created by hardware/software compatibility issues. Other wise it may just a one off which by itself is not a serious problem. Anyone who has PC would have experienced it..

try to fidn out the cause of the error by clickng START - CONTROL PANEL - ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL - EVENT VIEWER - look for the RED ERROR sign that caused the warning (usually the latest) adn post it here

oh yes, im assuming your system is a windows PC (XP /Vista)

i think this may occur if you havnt shut the pc down correctly, but im no expert.

Original Poster

Cheers will check that out

Also check you have all the security / critical updates on your machine - again assuming it is a windows PC

My server does it every now and then, never records the reason in the event log though.
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