Your thoughts on the new Royal Mail pricing system please


From August 21st, 2006 the way postage is priced will change to take into account size as well as weight. Mail will fit into one of three categories: letter, large letter and packet.

The new system is quite good for letters which, if small, can weigh upto 100g instead of the current 60g, but the pricing for parcels is going to be extremely expensive.


A parcel is more than 353mm long, 250mm wide and 25mm thick.

Here are some examples of the HUGE price jumps for parcels which are going to happen when the new system comes in.

Current Cost - New Cost

30p+ - 94 (increase of upto 64p per parcel)
64p+ - 119p (increase of upto 55p per parcel)
107p+ - 159p (increase of upto 52p per parcel)

After that the new prices are actually cheaper than the old ones.

Those of you who have the new pricing guides from the website will have all of this in more detail. The whole system is very complicated and time consuming, so your trip to the post office (which is already an all-day affair) will now take even longer.

But with new parcel prices forcing up the prices, could this be the end of cheap eBay sales and the like??

What do you guys think??


I suppose its reasonable

Not sure that I agree with Tomcooljrock, but hard to draw a conclusion until we see what way the charges are applied. :?

Will they be pedantic, in that sending 2 dvd boxes in a bubble envelope will exceed the "parcel" specification. Or will a more customer friendly approach be used?
If the former then I will definitely be in the Down with the royal mail camp :pirate:

The charging policy is probably in line with the increased costs of sending items over long distances (airmail especially).
But that won't stop it from significantly increasing the overheads for anyone using ebay. :x

This may have quite a big impact on how people send things. I just hope that it doesn't mean that some people/companies don't package things as well as they could, in an attempt to keep what they are sending smaller.
If you go here royalmail.com/por…345
then you can get a size guide which may help people to define what "size" the item they want to send is.
Hope this is of use to someone.

Original Poster

If I can't find an alternative then I'll probably stop selling stuff on eBay...

Maybe the extortionate charges some people have for P&P on ebay will now be justified

Or in reality they'll just put them higher

Original Poster

Did you know that under the new system a sheet of lead can be sent for as little as 30p however an inflated baloon would cost in excess of £1.50!!

It is a sad sad day for clowns.
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