your views on softmodding the wii?

    hi people got my wii in the week and someone told me to softmod it, at first didnt no what this was, after looking it up it says you need a zelda game,
    1, where can i get this cheap? blockbusters rent?
    2, has anyone got a simple step by step guide how to do it and where to get ALL the software from not just bits?
    3, is it 100% safe it not bricked or damage my wii? as i dont want to break it after aweek of having it.
    4, is there anything i need to no more on this softmod?

    thanks for your help people


    1. Not sure, phone and ask?
    2. ]Tutorial
    3. Nothing is 100% safe.
    4. You need an SD card, and to read up some more.

    google flatmii you will be amazed at what the wii can do

    or the drivekey, you dont need the game only a save, people sell these on ebay for 99p
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