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Posted 14th Nov
Update 1
Edit: Xbox Game Pass 3 month sub winner...

The generator randomly chose page number 1 and comment number 34. That's @CBK

We'll be in touch in the next 48 hours with your 3 month Xbox Game Pass key

Announced today...

  • Everwild by Rare
  • Rust heading to Xbox One
  • Grounded by Obsidian
  • West of Dead Open Beta now available on Xbox One
  • Bleeding Edge heads to Xbox One and Windows 10 - March 24th.
  • Planet Coaster to release on Xbox One
  • Tell me Why (Dontnod) announced for summer 2020
  • 50+ games now available on Project xCloud
  • Sony Dualshock 4 controllers are compatible with Microsoft's Xbox xCloud Service
  • Yakuza 0, Kiwami & Kiwami 2 launching on Xbox Game Pass early 2020!
  • Halo Reach launches on Xbox One and PC December 3rd
  • Minecraft Dungeons is coming April 2020
  • Rage 2 and MANY more games available with Xbox Game Pass

  • Final Fantasy games heading to Game Pass in 2020


We're here again Microsoft will tonight host their 2019 X0 event, aptly titled X019. The annual Xbox celebration will take place at 8pm tonight from the Copper Box Arena in London with Microsoft readying up to announce 12 NEW games from Xbox Game Studios with news expected for Project xCloud, Xbox Game Pass and much more.

I thought (oh you did, did you?) that it would be pretty damn awesome if we held an X019 party. Sadly, there'll be no virtual Corona's or Space Raiders involved, but I thought it'd be great if we could all get together and a have a right old chin wag about the event as it happens. Sound good?

Here's a few of the things I'm expecting to see tonight.

✔️ New game announcements
✔️ New Xbox Game Pass titles
✔️ More news on Halo: Infinite
✔️ Black Friday sales and DEALS

Here's the live link

I do strongly recommend for those wishing to claim the FREE MixPot that will be available for those viewing on Microsoft's Mixer platform.

That's all great, but will we be hearing more about Xbox Scarlett?

Sadly not Aaron Greenberg has already confirmed via Twitter that X019 is dedicated to, and I quote, games, games, games.

How can I watch X019?

The event will be live and streamable on the usual platforms, Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.

When will this all kick off?

The Stream will be available live on any of the above streaming platforms from 8pm 14th November 2019.

Let me know below what you're expecting to see at this year's X019 event, what you'd love to see added to Xbox Game Pass and where you'll be watching Xbox's BIGGEST celebration of the year!

As it's X019 and we're discussing all things Xbox related, hotukdeals have agreed to give away a 3 month Xbox Game Pass subscription . It's a simple little giveaway for the duration of the party. To keep relevant flow of the X019 conversation, I ask that you submit your entry into the competition with a simple 'I'd love that subscription' attached to a relevant comment to X019. If you make further comments please don't attach a subscription comment. I will spin randomly until I hit a required comment.

I will then after the X019 event has ended use a number generator based on comment and page number to decide a winner at random.

Please allow up to two days for receipt of the Xbox Game Pass code. Please note Xbox Game Pass subscription can only have been redeemed once to the account.

Make sure to check out the hotukdeals gaming Facebook page if you haven't already.
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I'm seriously done in with all this new info Thanks to everybody who took part in the thread tonight
Anyone know how.long the show is for? Anything more than an hour and I can't be bothered
lukeo4414/11/2019 13:51

Anyone know how.long the show is for? Anything more than an hour and I …Anyone know how.long the show is for? Anything more than an hour and I can't be bothered

I think it's about an hour mate
Awesome buzz
Pickled Onion or Beef?
Really excited for X019 and interesting to see if any of these rumours come true...

A reliable industry analyst claims Rare and Obsidian will bring brand new IPs to X019...
The Witcher 3 and Rage 2 coming to Game Pass...
Bleeding Edge to be released on March 24th, 2020...
Final Fantasy's Brand Manager is making no secret of the fact that he's in London for X019...
Halo Reach to launch on PC in early December, and possibly drop into the console Halo MCC tonight...
Age of Empires 4 will get some sort of trailer...
At least one studio acquisition (no strong rumours and more me hoping!)

I'd love that subscription
Halo Reach tonight. Make it so.

I'd love that subscription
Looks as though there's a Flash Sale that can be viewed here which will end on the 16/11 for XO19.

I'd love that subscription
Edited by: "EuroGamer" 14th Nov
I'm excited about Halo Reach hitting the MCC and also the new Rare game announcement! I'm hoping to finally get into testing xcloud too haha

I'd love that subscription
Be great to see a price cut on the ONE S DIGITAL package!
lukeo4414/11/2019 13:51

Anyone know how.long the show is for? Anything more than an hour and I …Anyone know how.long the show is for? Anything more than an hour and I can't be bothered

61 minutes
Sounds good
Pickled onion.

Edited by: "richp" 14th Nov
I'm primarily a PS4 guy, but I really like what Microsoft has been doing with Gamepass and their recent acquisitions like Obsidian and Doublefine. Looking forward to seeing what has been cooking in the oven at The Initiative, Obsidian and Rare.
Edited by: "scapton" 14th Nov
Looking forward to Halo, along with Rare Replay for PC and Fable 1/2 for Switch :P

I'd love that subscription
Witcher 3 coming to game pass apparently! Amazing game and if anyone is yet to try it, no excuse now! Assuming it def comes to GP...

I'd love that subscription
Looking forward to Halo Reach being released today (rumour!).

And I'd love that subscription 😜
No scarlett news😪

I'd love that subscription.

I'm an Xbox Guy, so looking forward to this. Even though it might not be that great.

I'd love that subscription to give it to my Nephew, so I Can kick his ass online and how him i'm not too old to play games.
Edited by: "southsidesilver" 14th Nov
I'd love that subscription

Looking forward to new Gamepass games!
I'll be gutted if Rage 2 is one of them as it's one of few games I've actually bought physically in recent times.
I'd love that subscription

I will be watching but it's a real shame that no scarlet news but hopefully more news about pc games
I'd love that subscription

worth a shot
I'd love that subscription to play the new launches that are available at X019
'I'd love that subscription'
Hoping to see some scarlett reveals and hoping PES 2020 on gamepass . Happy witcher 3 and rage 2 coming to it though , also

I'd love that subscription
Edited by: "Munkee" 14th Nov
I'd love that subscription

And a proper hail Mary - XB1 support for the 360 force feedback wheel...
I'd love that subscription

Halo Reach!
I'd love that subscription
I'd love that subscription!
Anyone actually going in person?
Disappointed there's gonna be no news on Scarlett, but hopefully some corkers lined up for GP.

I'd love that subscription.
I've got to admit I'd love that subscription, mine runs out in December and I need to finish The Outer Worlds!
I have no idea what a mixpot is but I'd love that subscription.
I’d love that subscription
Fable remaster would be class

I’d love that subscription 🎅🏻
Halo Reach on PC / Game Pass for PC would make my Christmas.

I'd love that subscription.
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