Posted 12th Sep 2022
Hello all

Can anyone tell me if the VPN India and Argentina for YouTube has been stopped, I can't seem to do it, I had the India one on my account but my bank ended my debit card for a new one, so tried new card and wouldn't accept it not accept any now, i tried Argentina VPN and its giving my payment in Brazil am using Vpn Express, I Google my ip it says Argentina so not idea why its saying Brazil on YouTube premium, never had this trouble first time around, Anyone any idea or having same problem?
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    Try Turkey. Argentina didn't work for me yesterday - Turkey did
    I tried turkey and it wanted a tax number not sure what they call it now.. So couldn't do it
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    I still use Indian YouTube with revolut and a digital card. (edited)
    I used to use my card till natwest wanted to change their cards, it wasn't even out of date, tired to add my new one and that's when the trouble start..
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    I set one up using Argentina a couple of days ago. I used PIA as my VPN but I have used Tunnelbear as well which is free successfully before.
    I tried Argentina youtube says am in Brazil when I connect I use Express vpn
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    I had the same issues so i created a new email and a new account with Argentina using NordVPN free trial.
    I was able to finally sign up with the family package on the Argentina, but none of my family members can join once I added them after switching off the VPN and now getting an error saying they are not in the same country. Can anybody? advise out to get around this
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    With android install newpipe app.
    F droid and get it there or apk.
    Just be aware and understand what you are doing and risks with apk, however it so much better than youtube ui and works a treat. (edited)
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    Looks like I might have the same issue. My card is expiring this month and I received a new card. I want to try and add a backup card. I have a Clarity card and was wondering if that might work?

    I wasn't sure if I have to use the indian address I used before? or if I could use my UK details? I also have virtual card, if I can use that do I have to have money in it for when they take payments? or would crypto take it from my linked card if no money is in the account?

    I have NordVPN, which is expiring soon, and again I wasn't sure if it mattered if I turned it on for India or not. Any help appreciated, I would like to continue with the same account if possible.
    I ended my subscription on YouTube,, I had the India one, logged out, I downloaded tunnelbear vpn it's free, set it to Argentina logged into YouTube went to premium part set payment up with revolut, think it's 78p a month, it worked perfectly,
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    I've had an Argentina account for around a year no issues, paid via Clarity Card.
    I want to upgrade to the family plan, I've attempted to use multiple VPN's but the youtube page in Google Chrome has an error message every time at the last stage. Does anybody know a work around please?
    Have you tried clearing the history and cache in Google?
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    Have VPN set to Argentina but I can't even get the Argentinian pricing to show up, when I go to enter card details on YouTube Premium it is forcing a US zip code. Any tips? (edited)
    What Vpn are you using?
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    Hi appreciate any hep. Using tunnelbear vpn set to argentina. Lets me go to you tube and see option for premium in ars. however i cant get seem to be able to update google play settings to argentina(it currently says uk and does not give me the option to change). Any issues please?