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    Ok guys, so I know when you have songs in the background of your videos, youtube flag it as copyright and sometimes even mute the video. Also do not allow you to Monetise the video.... so I basically i have permission to use music from the artist : Sfera Ebbasta, and have proof through instagram. How do I notify YouTube so they don't flag the video ?


    I think the way it usually works is you upload the video and when it gets marked or taken down you are then given the option to contact you tube to state your case.

    As you have the artists/record labels permission i shouldnt think anyone else will be looking to take the video down

    From youtube/googles page…=en

    Why was content I have permission to use removed or blocked?If you have … Why was content I have permission to use removed or blocked?If you have cleared the rights to use certain copyright-protected material in your video, you may want to alert the original copyright owner of your video's title and URL on YouTube, to avoid a mistaken removal or block.If your video was removed by a copyright takedown in error, you have options:Request a retraction from the claimantSubmit a counter notificationIf your video was blocked by a Content ID claim that you feel is mistaken, then:You can dispute itBefore you issue a dispute on a Content ID claim or send a counter notification in response to a copyright takedown, you may want to ask yourself a few questions:Are you the copyright owner of the material in your video?Do you have permission to all third-party material in your video from the appropriate copyright owner(s)?Is your use of copyrighted material covered by fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception under the applicable copyright law?If one of the conditions above applies to your video, you may want to research the most appropriate dispute process or consult an attorney. If not, you may be in violation of copyright laws.

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    Good luck with that, from my understanding, the only way you can do this is by disputing this after it's flagged, you can't preemptive this. You'll have to upload it and hope it doesn't get flagged by the copyright police, and when it does dispute it and hope the proof you provide is sufficient.

    Pretty much what's been said before. They are fairly quick - happened to me in one of my videos and was sorted within 24 hours. You could upload your video and schedule it for a specific publish time, then youtube can notify you without your viewers knowing about the video.

    As previously stated you'll need to upload the video and wait for the copyright claim. Reply to this with stating you have permission to use the disputed music. The copyright claimer then has 30 days to reply. During this time any revenue earned by the video will be held by YouTube and won't be released until the claim is settled.

    I think you'd need an official copyright release document rather than a note through Instagram. That's how it works with publishing, and I understand it's the same with music.

    Isn't the copyright owned by the label rather than the artist though?

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    Isn't the copyright owned by the label rather than the artist though?

    To be honest I have no Idea, he's a rapper from Italy. Spoke to him yesterday and he said yeah why not


    Isn't the copyright owned by the label rather than the artist though?

    If they have a label backing them up

    I uploaded a video of my dog as private, not public at all but music was on in the background and very low, within seconds it was flagged as copyrighted and even mentioned the song title and artist. I wasn't bothered as wasn't publishing it but it was very quick.

    its done via software algorithyms that takes seconds to run, similar to shazam
    no human intervention
    same as soundcloud, artists are having their own music taken off their official accounts its that agressive lol

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