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Found 24th Nov 2017
My son wants to record his Xbox game videos and post them on YouTube just like The youtubers do. I’m a bit stumped on what equipment he may need to do this ? With Black Friday I was hoping I could take advantage of some low prices , if anyone has any advise that would be appreciated ?

Does He need a dual facing camera ? So he can record his face and the screen ?

Excuse my ignorance I just don’t have a clue.

Hopefully someone else does.
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He will need a game capture card to record his game play. They are expensive but as he is starting out, i'd go with this:…1xu

If he would like to record his face then he would need a webcam and laptop/PC (it all adds up). I'd recommend just get a game capture card to see if he likes it, with this he can record his voice while he is playing the game if he has a headset with a mic.
Or just a pc running win 10 and obs, download Xbox app and record like that
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Thanks, would these work on an Xbox? As he doesn’t have a PC
My son bought a blue microfone in green from amazon £39 but now apparently it's £69!

So do keep an eye out in few weeks
What’s the point, you will be wasting money on barley any followers he may get. If he thinks he can make money and be like the kids these days. He won’t make decent videos unless you’re wanting to spend serious money on kit!
He should download the Twitch app onto the xbox, you can broadcast games directly from within the Xbox, yuo'll need to activate an account on a PC or phone but its pretty easy.

You don't "need" anything else, but adding headset or webcam will add to the whole thing so he can commentate/etc....
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