Youtube on Jam Rhythm?

Found 28th Jan
I hurriedly purchased a Jam Rhythm from Amazon when they had the tenner off…MHQ

It works in much the same way as a Sonos. I did not realise that I would not be able to stream youtube audio through this. I was wondering if any of the more techy people here would be able to tell me if a chromecast audio would work with this speaker? It has aux in. If I was to purchase a chromecast audio and it fit, would I be able to stream youtube audio over to it? Many thanks.
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I may be wrong but I think the issue you may have is that Youtube audio stops when the device (I'm assuming you are using a phone) is locked or the screen shuts down. If you are doing it via a PC, that will probably resolve the issue. But from memory, you need a Chrome browser add on that streams audio to the chromecast device. If you are going down the phone route, I believe you can pay a subscription to get around the audio issue (stopping when the phone locks) but that may just be in the US, I'm not sure.
If the Jam Rhythm has an aux in and its the correct size for the chromecast, it should be fine. Think of the chromecast as a long audio cable between two devices, just without the wires.
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