Posted 12th Oct 2022
What is the best method for getting youtube premium cheap? I.E cheapest country via vpn

And i was wondering if someone could explain how payment works?

Thanks in advance
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    I signed up today with a new google account with VPN unlimited, used the Brit Embassy in Buenos Aries as my google address (y), used Revolut Visa with my uk address, got it for 72p per month, free month trial.
    I thought I was getting a good deal at £1.23 maybe I need to “relocate”
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    the power of the internet in the palm of your hand.....type into google youtube premium india reddit

    1. vpn
    2a. connect to india
    2b. may need to change/add address on your google account (this may also mess up your recommendations)
    3. use revolut or monzo for payment
    costs around 1.50 a month for family account
    To add to this, family has to be created around step 2. they all need to accept the invitation and then sign up for YT premium.
    Otherwise they won't be added and you will burn the google account for a year because they don't let you change families more then once per year.
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    I was going to suggest Turkey VIA vpn.

    Quick google search brought up this thread from earlier on in the year
    Thanks i will take a look
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    I use Argentina, pay £1.03 a month for the family package
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    I read somewhere Google updated its credit card approval process, so you will need a Visa or Mastercard issued from the country you’re trying to sign up through, with a corresponding billing address. Current users are unaffected
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    See if someone has a spare slot on theirs, I have a slot on someone else's and I'm classed as living in Argentina. Costs me £6 per year
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    Thanks all, managed to get set up bit confusing adding accounts into family. But realised i had to delete payment profile to add them. All good now
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    Been trying to get this sorted and at payment it comes up to confirm payment on revolut which I do and then it goes back to the payment screen again to click buy.

    Not sure what im doing wrong
    I did have to approve via the revolute app on my phone before it would proceed
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    Just had email today saying it's going up from 179.99 Pesos to 699.99 Pesos for the family account. Does anyone know if the Indian one has gone up?
    Was just about to ask same question
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