Posted 10 February 2023

Youtube Premium and VISA Cards

I received a Youtube email today, stating :-
"Due to a recent change in Argentina, payments maybe declined if your card was not issued by an Argentine bank.
Please update your payment method or your subscription may be suspended."

Anyone else had this? I've done ok with RVLT for quite a while :-(
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  1. GapsOfTheGod's avatar
    It's just allowed me to update it to Revolute Mastercard (without VPN). Whether it'll go through or not is another matter! (edited)
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    student_saver88's avatar
    How do you stack the india subscription
  3. rupert-hd's avatar
    Are people adding Mastercards as backups to their Visa, or removing their Visa completely and adding in MasterCard as their primary?
    jameshothothot's avatar
  4. chantelle310's avatar
    Updated my card from Revolut to Monzo Mastercard and payment went through today. Phew. 
  5. Bob24601's avatar
    I've been to India, but that was blocked a while ago.

    I don't mind where I go, just want cheaper YouTube
    sm9690's avatar
    India still works fine for me
  6. Bob24601's avatar
    Me too. Where do we move to now?
  7. Conkers816's avatar
    Interesting. I've had mine in Argentina for a long time but I haven't had an email yet. I've got mine on a Starling Virtual Mastercard and it went out fine on the 1st of Feb so we'll have to see next month.

    I moved from India because of the banking situation there in the first place.

    I knew all of this VPN stuff would become more difficult eventually but I still don't like it that it's happening now
    aayyup's avatar
    I'm pretty sure it only effects Visa card payments
  8. Carlosalot's avatar
    I’ve also had the email but waiting at the moment, I did also have my Revolut tidal ARS payment declined last week and generated a new Revolut card which was a Mastercard this time and it accepted it so fingers crossed the same will work for YouTube ?
  9. jameshothothot's avatar
    Hi - how do you get mastercard on revolut? *** Edit *** I went to help and asked "can I get a virtual MasterCard as the shop no longer supports visa?" and someone came on and just made me one!

    Will test it now (edited)
  10. krankup's avatar
    Updated to Mastercard now for Tidal too.
    1st Payment out in a week.
    Parm_Singh's avatar
    Lets see mines 1st Feb, thanks for starting the post,
  11. jameshothothot's avatar
    My newly added revolut MasterCard went through today. Thanks for the tip !!
    Edit added as backup (edited)
    Parm_Singh's avatar
    James did you add back up or remove old one and add MasterCard?
  12. Parm_Singh's avatar
    Same here bud just dropped in my inbox (edited)
  13. sm9690's avatar
    You'll have to fly to India from Argentina then
  14. krankup's avatar
    RVLT do a virtual Mastercard too. Is it just VISA affected?
  15. ToastQ's avatar
    Yup, same here. I reckon Turkey is my next destination
  16. Parm_Singh's avatar
    Think they setting us up for 1st March , won't go through. Son is on holiday in India at the moment, tempted to get him to create a gmail account and use uk MasterCard see if that works. Then.add family plan users to that (edited)
    challengedavid's avatar
    iirc, you can only move to another family group after 12months from leaving the last
  17. rupert-hd's avatar
    Same here, any thoughts on a way round?
  18. Barrons's avatar
    my visa debit card stopped working as everyone else’s did.

    I used tunnelbear app for vpn on my iPhone to connect to argentina

    then used my monzo mastercard as visa is the issue in Argentina and updated my payment details to monzo Mastercard no issue.

  19. simonhzero's avatar
    I added my Monzo mastercard, with my uk details, as backup.

    Not sure if that would work.

    Will have to see
  20. LiGhTfasT's avatar
    Also changed to a revolut mastercard, fingers crossed it goes through. If not hopefully vanced still works.
    Parm_Singh's avatar
    Hi can you explain how you did this please, Did you go into your gmail account, one with family gmail accounts added and add the card there? I see my profile in there with the Argentina payments going out but no option to add a new card there. Did you do it with Argentina vpn on?
  21. Pikachu's avatar
    Had problems adding cards when with YT India. I switched to Turkey and no issues since with Revolut. Turkey costs around £2.60 per month. Slightly more than India's £2 a month.
  22. davidbrent's avatar
    Is it just the free Revolut card you chaps use?
    GapsOfTheGod's avatar
  23. martd69's avatar
    Does say 'maybe declined' so I'm going to wait and see before changing anything. Hopefully we my get lucky!
  24. Bob24601's avatar
    That's for the tips, I changed mine to my Revolut Master card - I didn't even know I had one.
  25. Conkers816's avatar
    Appears that any changes don't seem to affect mastercards which is handy, although I do think sooner or later they'll adopt the same approach as the likes of Spotify, Deezer e.t.c... and ping your card location to ensure you're in the country you're trying to subscribe from.
  26. DayDreamer121's avatar
    Yes I got the same message, I was thinking is there a way around this? Any tips is appreciated.
  27. Parm_Singh's avatar
    Thanks,anyone advise how to change to MasterCard. Have rev lt virtual MasterCard. Do I add new payment on gmail account which has family plan users attached to it? Will do on desktop not mobile. That's in advance
    challengedavid's avatar
    add it to the backup payment option, i would think that would work
  28. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Received that email yesterday
  29. davver99's avatar
    Mine also the same
    I take it a Mastercard will be ok

  30. Flibster's avatar
    Won't even load the subscription page for me when using a VPN for Argentina, India or Turkey.

    My family sub has just expired, got the email yesterday, expired today. Nice timing there. So would like to get it sorted. Didn't realise how bad the quantity of adverts had become.

    Brazil seems to be working and at about £5.50 per month is still about 1/4 of the price in the UK.
    Parm_Singh's avatar
    Might be checking to see if your gmail account a Argentina, India, Turkey original account. Try creating new gmail account (vpn on)in those regions, with No old gmail profiles in Google Chrome or cache open. Then open YouTube and see if premium option comes up. Add family plan in Google before you sign up as I think you cannot add it afterwards. Good luck
  31. aayyup's avatar
    I've added my Chase Bank Mastercard Debit Card as my backup card. Hopefully that will be OK if they stop payment from my Visa Card.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Where do you add the backup card? In YouTube or Google settings?
  32. bobtastic's avatar
    Thanks for the update on this. Added a Mastercard as a backup via VPN. Let's see what happens.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    What type of Mastercard… Bank of Scotland?
  33. Safe's avatar
    guys, which vpn are you using to connect to india?

    without vpn I just added Revolut and accepted for this month as a single payment but not as regular payment. (edited)
  34. Parm_Singh's avatar
    keep the comments coming in that it worked, good to hear.
  35. atay123's avatar
    Just created a Mastercard virtual card in Revolut and added as backup via YouTube payments using vpn on browser. Fingers crossed that does the trick.
  36. krankup's avatar
    I had my latest payment go through ok yday.
    I set RVLT mastercard as primary. (edited)
  37. mr_spatel's avatar
    I have a free RVLT card. its a visa debit. how do I create a master card? Thanks
    krankup's avatar
    You can get a new virtual card via the app. Swipe thru the card choices to select a MasterCard one.
  38. mr_spatel's avatar
    RVLT chat created me one.
  39. doggysoft's avatar
    Mine is about to expire. Do I cancel it now and sign back up as Indian or whatever?
  40. GarethFothersgill's avatar
    do you need to be on the vpn to create a revolut mastercard? is it just a case of getting live chat to create one and adding the card to backup payment? no vpn?
    Parm_Singh's avatar
    VPN is just to add payment details. Revolut is through the app.
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