Youtube premium error "Your request failed use a different payment method or contact us."

Posted 2nd Jul 2022
Hello everyone, finally got round to signing up for a youtube premium family account, the Google family has been set up for years so turned on my vpn (windscribe) and followed the steps but I got a payment error (using revolut).

I've tried doing it via Turkey & Argentina, using Edge, chrome & Firefox in incognito / private browsing but keep getting the same error.

Any ideas?
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  1. hoarhouse's avatar
    I did mine via India and it went through OK then I got a message saying I needed to update my payment method, I tried but it didn't let me, so I was expecting my subscription to end, but a couple of moths later it was still working then I noticed a payment to youtube India about a month after that. Very odd...I just used my regular halifax account too.
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    Having same problem. My card was expired and it is a nightmare putting new card through.. I am even getting the authorisation notification from revolut but it is not working
  2. wayners's avatar
    Pay for India £2 on windscribe.
    Buy a month. Credit card may flap and decline so sort that out. Give it 24h and if OK stack the 3 month subscriptions.

    I stacked about 4.
    Turn off vpn.
    Cancel the india £2 subscription.
    Ill do the same when it runs out later this year (edited)
    S555's avatar
    Which 3 month subs are you referring to? I am using YT family plan
  3. bp2411's avatar
    All sorted now, tried again using windscribe set to Turkey & in private browsing on edge, exact same method I tried earlier but it worked for some reason this time.
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    Did you change your primary location to Turkey on
  4. r4w80's avatar
    I would try a less common vpn (Speedify) as most of the time vpn addresses get flagged and the transactions denied. Happened to me with netflix turkey.
  5. OutSpoken's avatar
    Youtube family sub paused because payments failed as my credit card was expiring.

    What a palaver, using hola vpn with chrome and my Amazon card to renew, it kept getting declined as the card number is the same so YT wouldn’t accept the 3 digit pin for the new card and even when trying to add my natwest debit as back up, it still wouldn’t work;(

    In the end i had no choice but to cancel my sub and rejoin using the edge browser and vpn and added new card again and it worked!(party) happy days!

    If only i could get this to work for netflix too.
  6. skillzz's avatar
    Anyone got it working with the India sub rather than cancelling and getting turkey one?
  7. cannibalwombat's avatar
    I had this error come up every month with my India sub, asking me to update my payment method. For like 4 years now I've been doing that every month, reiterated my existing payment method, it would say error/failed but the payment would go through anyway somehow so no worries. However last month it just wouldn't go through at all. So I ended up having to switch to a UK student sub at (I think) £6.99 a month. Bit annoying, but I've had it for pennies a month for years so can't grumble too much.
  8. fazered's avatar
    Got it working.

    I spent a long time trying different cards, and the problem is the reoccurring payment. You can instead just buy 1, 3 or 12 months chunks (as noted earlier by wayners).

    I was able to use a UK debit and UK credit card using an Indian address.
    You may be given an option to pay in GBP. Do not choose this or it will fail.
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    I've now got this problem after 2 years of it being ok. How do you give an Indian address? The first line has to be the UK address doesn't it?
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