Posted 17th Jun 2022
So this has not been done for a while, this took me 10 mins to do, I use Tunnelbear VPN as you don't have the faff of free trials etc

You need to have not got premium or it has lapsed.

1. Download Tunnelbear VPN Free…ing
2. Find a Argentina address generator…-ar
3. Close browser, and select Argentina on Tunnelbear
4. Open browser and go to your YouTube (make sure you are logged in)
5. Select get premium and at some point you will need to add the Argentinian address
6, Follow instructions to sign up , it will show ARS119 per month = £0.81 per month.
7. Close browser and switch off tunnelbear
8. Open browser and go to YouTube and you will now be on the UK site but check your settings and you should be paying ARS119 .

Thats it, Netflix is much the same but you will need to google the cheapest country for that , I used Turkey last time
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    Just to add if you want to share this with others in your family setup your Google Family BEFORE doing this.
    Sorry but I don't understand. We should set up UK YouTube premium family sub before trying to set it up again but for Argentina? I'm confused
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    bears repeatint tho
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    YouTube ads can be so annoying. I might try this
    *Done it This is awesome, thanks for posting (edited)
    Nice one
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    If it's just the adds that bother you. NewPipe takes 2 minutes to install and removes all YouTube adds and provides some improved functionality in my opinion.

    Also free and no VPN etc needed
    Isn't that Android only?
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    Having issues with setting one up. If anyone has a spare family account, I’m happy to pay
    I had issues at payment stage. The final 'buy' wouldn't go through. I turned the Vpn off and then clicked buy and it worked.
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    Will give this a go
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    Has anyone successfully managed to update billing details once this is set up?

    My card is expiring (had it over a year) and I cannot get past the add payment screen. Constantly get errors or it spins around then sends me back to the original page.

    I’ve tried VPN on and off. Multiple different cards.
    No idea if works but I read somewhere adding a new card before removing the old one works
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    I done it last time round and think I pay 89p or something near there.
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    @ibblackberry1 this wont help with devices you cast to. say a to a Samsung TV
    Sorry never mentioned casting, just an add free alternative.
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    Working fine with casting
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    Ended up doing Turkey, Family plan for £1.25pm via Revolut - as someone mentioned on here make sure your family group is set up before you do this.
    Which VPN you used for Turkey?
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    Just tried setting this up. Got as far as payment but it would not accept either my Royal Bank of Scotland card or my Tesco credit card.
    I called tesco credit card and they said they weren't blocking it.
    Any ideas anybody please?
    See my above post. I had to turn the Vpn off towards the end of the process
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    Or use Youtube vanced on android phones and cast that to your TV.
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    I've been signed up to India YT Premium for ages now, and it suddenly stopped working so I cancelled and moved it to Argentina

    Only problem is the Family membership doesn't work at all. YT Premium works fine on my account, but nobody else's. Any idea why? The family was already set up before I paid with the VPN
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    Thanks for this, cancelled the India subscription and moved to Argentina. Glad I found this discussion as I thought it was just me!
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    Thanks for the straight forward explanation. Got it to work from Argentina.
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    Sadly my monthly Revolut payment goes out on a weekend so I got charged a 1p fee on top of the 73p