Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

    I have tons of these cards and want to sell some, where would be best place to sell them??


    how much you looking to sell them for?

    how many and how much?x

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    I have lots and i dont know as some of the cards are worth as much as £5 - prob have over 100 of them

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    Just counted them and there is at least 180 i might find more around and about that i put in several places lol

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    Anyone have an idea?? Is Ebay best place people, all 180 for 99p start??

    if you think certain single cards are worth £5 then list them seperately, ebay a good bet, or if you know of any comic book fares or the like?

    Ebay but final value fees are high.
    They are a specialist product, collectable so try advertising in something.

    Collectors fairs - if and only if they are 100% mint then you'll get a good premium (and I mean taken from packet n put in soft sleeve then hard sleeve). Ebay will get a reasonable price if done seperately but it will mean alot of posting, fees etc. Prices on these aren't as high as they were say a year ago but you should net a reasonable price. YuGiCo is good for valuations - but it is on the high side for many top end cards (my kids brothers collection came out at 40 grand, and is no way worth even near 5% of that).
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