Yuck what is gail from corried wearing

    she looks awful .. looks like she has a dirty old net on :P


    Someone is missing a curtain

    yeah not nice :lol:

    Looks as tho she has managed to squeeze into a doily!

    Hey Lou! xx

    i know ewww


    Looks as tho she has managed to squeeze into a doily!Hey Lou! xx

    Hey xx

    happy new year!

    Your right there it looks like an old net!

    I still says she looks like ......

    i'd love to slip her one...

    That is one horrible dress she's wearing. I would have refused to wear it, it looks like someone has NOT washed it for years!!!!


    What you wearing Tinkytayls?

    Yik yuk

    she looks like a tortoise

    I think she looks like a chipmunk

    shes wearing a turtle mask
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