YUK! Daughter's perfume is not nice! What don't YOU like?

    My daughter has bought another new perfume...most of hers I like but this one is really sickly sweet smelling. I can even smell it when I can't if you know what I mean!


    is her perfume called Yuk! ? no wonder! :whistling:

    Ghost, Lulu DKNY and Joop turn my stomach and stick in my nostrils, nasty! What has she got?

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    She's got Diesel Fuel for Life

    kenzo and my insolience,both disgusting

    Jade goody's smells like air freshener - cheap perfumes in TJ Hughes at the moment - jasper conrad -£10 Kylie and Brittanys also cheap £8

    I hate diesel too Yuck!!


    Most of the cheapo stuff smells like Shake and Vac :roll:

    i wear Calvin Klein Eternity it is da sex


    She's got Diesel Fuel for Life

    Oooh, I love that, sorry! At least you can't smell me! I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs. If anyone knows where I can get it at a decent price I'd be very happy!

    Can't stand poison, the smell makes me gag

    Armani code is the one for me at the moment

    i hate insolence alot, it smells like caravan toilet cleaning fluid.

    at the moment i love nina by nina ricci

    I hate Brintney spears - fantasy... Smells like feet

    also hate sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely... smells like cat pee

    I'm not too keen on DKNY for women, it's way too citrusy and strong for my liking. I normally buy Armani perfumes as I'm big fan of Armani. However, I really like Gucci by Gucci at the minute. I really want to buy Daisy by Marc Jacobs, smelt it at Boots the other day, all I'm going to say is it's absolutely gorgeous.


    angel (blue star shaped bottle).. eurgghh....

    i like light smells like ralph lauren ROMANCE and SO! MIRACLE by chacarel?...etc etc
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