yus786 - Please respond to this message

    This messge is for "yus786" - So guys, if you see him around please pass the message.

    Dude, yours seem to be the only order from Nokia that's been respected. Please could I have the order number?

    Thanks mate!

    Story behind this story - I placed an express delivery for the phone on the 5th of June. Chased them everyday from 8th (thru phone and email). On 12th came an email that my order was cancelled.

    Called them up and they said they do something about it if I gave them an order number that was actioned after mine was placed -


    Have you tried sending him a pm?

    Pm is the way to go for you ferb

    Original Poster

    Guys I did it. No reply

    is this that nokia golf phone

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    Yes It is... The very same Nokia N93 Golf Edition.


    Yes It is... The very same Nokia N93 Golf Edition.

    lol i knew you lot wouldnt get it

    Original Poster

    We can't decide on that unless Mr YUS786 confirms....

    He seems to be the only lucky one among the poor us

    Anyways have you seen the number of 'BRAND NEW Nokia N93 Golf -Editions' converging into eBAY? Nokia has honoured some of the orders.
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