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I went on a safari a few years back in tanzania....i'm not sure of the spelling but its something like "Ngorongoro"....i done a 2 days safari and it was amazing definately worth it....the thing about ngorongoro was that its a massive craiter with the hotels at the top/edge of the craiter.

I wouldn't recommend a week long safari (can get a bit repatitive/boring....i mean how many times do you want to see a lion and say wow ) but if your going on holiday then do it as part of a holiday. I went for 2 weeks to tanzania and climbed kilimanjaro which took 7 days in total and spent a couple of days on safari and the rest on the beach/site seeing

Couple of years ago went Gorilla Trekking in Uganda/Rwanda and bolted on a safari onto that...cost about 6k in total for 3 weeks but we only stayed in basic accommodation with a couple of nights in a 5* hotel at the end of the trip

Pricey but worth every penny


wow! your trip sounds amazing! how much did it set you back if you dont … wow! your trip sounds amazing! how much did it set you back if you dont mind me asking? im thinking the trip will cost me about 5k? is that reasonable?

Well what i did was the following...

I booked my flights with emirates (as you can have a stop over in dubai for a few days aswell) and that cost me about £500, hotel accomodation in dar-es-salaam cost about £200 for 5 days.

Then Kilimanjaro cost about $1000 (so £750) and the safari was about the in total it cost me about £2500.

The best thing to do is not to book it all from here....but to book over there. as you get better deals and can bargain somewhat. I found the prices here was over priced big time!

we went on one in South Africa about 3 years ago i think the place was called Aquilla it was really good had two small kids with us we sat on quite a big open bus well worth it. To see all the animals in almost their own habitat (obviously they have fences around the safari park so as close as you can get to their habitat)

well we enjoyed it and the kids loved the chance to see such great animals

How many people does the budget of £5000 have to cover?
If it's only two then that will cover a great Safari. Botswana and Namibia are upmarket destinations and the safest.
Me, I now go to Kenya, because it's the best value, booking the flights, hotels/lodges and camps and self drive, although the self drive is something I would not recommend as a good guide will spot so much more and give you better insight into wildlife than a reference book, and be much safer.
If you have the time, a Kenya Safari with time at a good hotel on the coast combined with a Safari is good option.
Remember beg, steal or borrow a camera with a decent telephoto ( no one is impressed by the dot on the horizon being a lion ), binoculars, and most important good Malaria prevention.
I am an African wildlife nutter and cannot wait to return in about June, but am sure you will have a great time.
Safari njema - have a good journey

Fantastic experience..we went part of our honeymoon...we went to Kruger, SA.. Wel worth the money... try and combine it another stay such as South Africa or Zanzibar.


amazing experience especially if you can handle firearms
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