z170 vs h110m

    Is there a big difference between the 2 boards I currently have a Msi h110m board and got a z170 for 25£. My current processor is an i5 6500 and have 24gb ram 240gb Ssd& rx460. U was considering using the h110m for a new pc with a cheap i3 or pentium and upgrade my main rig


    There never is much difference between boards other than a few features, if the board youre using has the features you want and the components are performing as they should. RAM etc, then there is no issue.

    With your current board it only has two ram slots, but you could still go up to 32GB. New board has lots of new features like 3 way crossfire, but probably all of them you would never use. Only real reason is if you are going to be doing some overclocking.

    On Z170 you can overclock the 6500 (non K CPUs) using bclk method and a correct BIOS.) check YT.
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