Zagg Shield easy to install?

I just ordered the Zagg full body east install shield for my iPhone 4.

When I apply these; will they leave air bubbles like normal screen protectors?

What are peoples experiences?


You use solution (water) to apply it and then use the applicator card to press out any air buubles. Put a full body kit on my n900 and its perfect! Check the howto's on youtube.

I find that even if you put it on great, it'll start to accumulate dirt around the edges, or will start to come off at the edges.
Also, don't use too much solution when putting it on, and have a cloth to clean any excess solution.
Mine has started coming off on my iPhone 4, BUT I will be ordering a replacement (lifetime guarantee - you can order a replacement for about $4, but you have to return your old one within a certain time). My iPhone 4 had a scratch on the screen with me having done nothing to it - no drops, no placing on hard surfaces, no placing in my pocket with any keys or other objects, no idea how it got there! So i'm definately using one.
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