Zagged lines at traffic lights

    Hey people, my driving instructor wants me to find out (ask HUKD people) what are the zagged lines on either side of you mean when your pulling up at traffic lights?



    No parking

    no parking

    beat me by a few seconds

    lol your instructor doesn't know?! Are you sure you should be learning from him?
    They mean the same as the ones outside schools. No parking.

    no overtaking or parking

    They have writing on them. It says "When the lights are red, Stop. When the lights are green, Go"
    No one really notices it because they're normally waiting for the green light.

    haha dont listen to them, there trying to get you in trouble, it means if the coast is clear and there are zig zags you can bypass the red light and go straight through. But only if zig zags are there :whistling:

    I think your driving instructor is extracting the urine! ;-)


    They mean the same as the ones outside schools. No parking.

    Maybe all the drivers at our kids school had op's driving instructor as they seem to think it means Park on me and put the kids at risk to save yourself walking 30 feet down the road and im not getting wetblah blah blah...... lol

    Looks like the driving instructor and conned you into some extra homework

    thats true, his the one that should be answering questions or is he not getting paid

    Original Poster

    He just told me he wants me to find out what they mean, he knows himself.


    no overtaking or parking

    That's the one.:)

    Extra point scoring zone - 50points per pedestrian 100 for a cyclist.

    Original Poster


    Zebra and pelican crossings' zig-zag lines. Vehicles must not overtake, wait or park in the zig-zag areas. Pedestrians should not cross zig-zag areas. They should always use the crossing.…htm


    Extra point scoring zone - 50points per pedestrian 100 for a cyclist.

    Hope to see you on a bike near there sometime:w00t:

    The answer is in the Highway Code - surely as a learner driver (who needs to read & remember the Highway Code in order to pass the test) you know the answer already?:whistling:

    It means "Here be dragons", a left over from medieval days when Dragons frequently used to cross the cart tracks and the peasants had to be warned to leave them enough room to cross.

    Keep A Copy Of The Highway Code By Your Bed And Every Night Read A Page. This Is A Easiest Way To Memorise It. Good Luck On The Test.
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