Posted 11th Dec 2019
As anyone ever bought from Zavvi? Are they good for deliveries?

Many thanks
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I've used them before, very reliable and good cs.
If the item is ever going to be in stock, then I'm sure they are fine.
Actually, I have no idea!

Nothing I have ever ordered from Zavvi has been in stock even when they say it is.
Good luck.
Never had any issues when getting things from them, delivery was prompt. All part of The Hut group and no issues when using any of the other companies under the main group, IWOOT etc
The legit Zavvi site is legit and fine. The cloned / not legit Zavvi sites are cloned / not legit and are not fine. No idea which option you or anybody else in this thread are referring to. HTH.
Legit and great company apart from when they told their whole mailing list they won tickets to a champions league game with free flights and money
Terrible company, I will never use them again. Placed an order 10 days ago, took money from the card and now mail me to say that they do not have and cannot get the item so I need to "apply" for a refund.
Appalling. Advertise everything as 'in stock' whether it is or not.
Yes, the item which I ordered 10 days ago and has just been cancelled due to no stock is still available to put in your basket and order. Once again they will charge for an item they do not have, sure this cannot be legal, sound like fraud via a fancy website.
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