Zavvi Customer Service Helpline 08442640702

    Just out of interest, has anyone actually ever spoken to anyone at Zavvi via this number? Tried ringing it 5 or 6 times over the past few days, perhaps they've already gone on their hols.


    I rang them this morning about the bogof blu ray they said it will be sorted in time

    spoken to customer services almost everyday in teh past week, have 5 outstanding orders with them now!

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    I guess I'll try again then. :thumbsup:

    Spoken to them many times after orders have been messed up. Not my favourite company by a long shot......


    I can't seem to get hold of Zavvi as well...

    I ordered the Planet Earth/Life Blu Ray combi blu ray boxset, but they ended up sending me the Planet Earth Boxset. So I queried my order but still no reply. Every time I phone, I get no answer.....

    emailed 2 weeks ago looking for RMA number, still no reply

    Really need to speak with someone in Customer Services but only get a voice message on the helpline number,
    unable to leave a message or get a call back and trying to resolve the problem via messaging just doesn't work!
    What happened to having a real somebody on the end of the phone who can talk through things and try and resolve our problem?

    I am trying to check on my movie



    I am trying to check on my movie

    Zavvi won't see this thread. You should contact them directly.

    Just put in a disc for the box set space 1999 and it comes up wrong region never seen that before has anybody else?
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