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Found 12th Jun 2008
I'm aware there was a deal regarding Wii Fits on this site that was withdrawn due to the site being a little suspicious.

I cancelled the 3 Wii Fits I ordered from them after noticing the comments made on HUKD.

Although I cannot confirm that this site can deliver, I can confirm I got my refund very promptly and with absolutely no hassle. Maybe gives some relief, although I still don't know whether the site will deliver.

The receptionist here has ordered one (nothing to do with me advising her) - Lets hope the site can deliver.
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i dont understand what the link shows.

Do you think the receptionist would be safer getting a refund?
If they are dodgy then regardless of getting your refund they now have your card details.
Not true - Protx does not give details out - I contacted them direct:

I should point out - I am not supporting this site, but am saying - if you are unsure - it looks like you can get a refund.


Dear Gordon,

Thank you for your email.

While you were making your payment to Zavvi Direct you would have been directed on to a Protx Payment Page. This means that your card details have been captured on the Protx servers. At no stage will Zavvi Direct have access to your full card details.

For further information, please see the accreditation section of our website;…asp

Kind Regards

Protx Support

From: "Gordon Bell"
Sent: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 08:11:44 +0100
Subject: Payment question

When I make a payment through Protx, does the supplier get my full
credit card details, or does he just get the money (like Paypal)?

The reason I'm asking is that there is a site Zavvi Direct Ltd that has
been flagged as a possible Scam site & I used your site to pay him.

If the credit card details are handed over, I am going to swap the card.

Result. :thumbsup:
You might want to hide your email from the dodgy lot on the forums…d=1

[COLOR=Blue]"[/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue] Please note that has no association with the following web retailers:



These sites are operated by third parties unknown to Should you have any enquiries regarding orders placed on the above sites, please contact them directly."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
any company that uses a well known brand to trade on is dodgy. whether or not they do anything illegal. at best he's hoping that zavvi will try and buy the domain from him. at worst its a scam site. i'd guess in truth its somewhere in between

Email removed
interestingly both of the sites mentioned above zavvidirect and zavvisports are registered to the same address
Hello Gordon bell
how long did they refund you next day or ?
I cancelled about 30mins after the order was put it.

Friday 06/06/08.

Got an email back from Simon Bishop at on the same day saying he would pass it on to the Accounts department.

Checked my Card using telephone banking this morning and the money has been put back - so less than a week. Thats quicker than Eclipse Computers, they take forever.
Thanks mate
still no refund
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