Zavvi game pre-order - alien v predator

Was surprised to see a parcel when I got home from work which had my pre-order of alens v predator from Zavvi.

I wasn't expecting it until at least release day as zavvi are normally slow whenever I order off them but made up at getting it two days prior to release


Have you played it yet? whats it like?


got mine today also . what ive played of it ,its excellent

Think ill wait till it drops to £17.99 which I reckon will be in about 4 weeks. The reviews have been mixed to say the least.

have to admit, zavvi can be slow sometimes BUT for pre-orders (especially for games) they keep bringing them out pre-release date. Has happened so far with Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2 and now AVP. As long as the price is right, i always order my pre-order games from zavvi now coz i know i'll probably get it early.

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Have you played it yet? whats it like?

It's not bad, only just done the first marine level. It's no COD beater as most FPS games get compared to it and it's going to take something great to surpass COD but enjoying the game so far
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