Zavvi outlet on ebay is a flaming joke

Found 19th Apr 2010
Placed an order for the njoy wii fit on the 15th , on the listing they state they have more then 10 in stock, emailed them today to find out if its been posted to be told that they dont have any in stock and a problem with deliveries from their supplier, as they can not meet demand ( their words not mine)
hopefully they " should" have some in by the weekend! no offer of a refund nothing
I am fuming , if it was a normal seller we'd be banned for not having the item in hand or drop shipping
Ive just noticed on their feedback someone else has had the same problem.
the listing is still live with the same details more then 10 in stock.
anyone else had this problem with them?
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zavvis own site is the same-I have given up using them-they are hopeless!
You don't have to wait,tell them you want to cancel the sale and request a refund.
ive not seen 1 good report about the new zavvi..........ever

yet people still insist on using them to save a couple of quid
I have also ordered this item from them for my mom really annoyed after 12 days ish e-mailed them got reply simular to yours stock issues will be resolved by end of week this was sent thursday last week. I have used zavvi normal site a few times with no problems but this e-bay version is a joke lots of other people have had this problem with this item if you check there negative feedback but some also recieved it after a few weeks in positive feedback so may get it at some point. was offered a refund in my e-mail however i brought wii fit plus also for my mom at the same time delivered 2 days latter from game so if i cancel this order and buy the offical wii fit board i will have 2 copys of wii fit plus. not happy

opened a dispute with paypal and they refunded straight away, still dont … opened a dispute with paypal and they refunded straight away, still dont know if they are zavvi or the hut!

same company mine has been dispatched or so they say
finally got item today not as pictured as has no screen as it has in some of the pictures on listing crap seller left negative feedback

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