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    Hi i was in zavvi in merry hill on sunday and i couldn't beleive their prices for dvd's and games etc............... I brought pes 2008 on the wii for £27.71p from asda on sat evening on in their it was £39.99 pure madness surly people don't pay those prices and shop around...? They was also selling a dvd (can't remember name) for £20 but i know for sure it's something like £5 in other shops... Do people really pay this much or do Zavvi think we are stupid?


    Why stop at Zavvi, the same can be said for most retailers, they all sell stuff at silly prices?

    If they didn't sell at those prices, then they wouldn't sell them at those prices.

    HMV is the same, and I was in WH Smith over the weekend and that was shocking for some prices!

    I totally agree, zavvi and hmv are really bad. Lots of my favourite cds are about £18 in hmv when i know i can get them for about £8 elsewhere. It is surprising when you see people at the tills in these shops!

    Yeah, I don't like Zavvi much. They inflate prices when they have an offer on, like buy one get one free. As they were selling Forza 2 for £50.

    I think it's funny when they sell things in their shops dearer than on their websites. (with free delivery)

    People who don't have internet shop at these places. I suppose they could use a computer in library or internet cafe but they don't.
    Then you got a lot of people who are online and for some reason leave everything last minute,then they want a game and can't wait for it to come and go down to their local Woolworths or whatever and pay £10-15 more.
    What even worse is people go to eBay and pay more for a game,so these people do have access to being online and can use a computer and they buy from eBay for a fiver or so more instead looking about.

    i think people think that ebay is this brilliant place where everything is going for cheap as chips. i know some people who wouldn't buy from the lesser known internet sites (thehut and shopto etc) because they don't feel safe but are quite happy to fork over money to ebay. it baffles me!

    For computer game prices, This website needs some advertising: I've only known of it for a couple of months, but it's saved me some money, I used to use kelkoo, but that's rubbish in 'comparison'. :roll:


    People who don't have internet .

    What there are people who don't have the internet, this can't be true. :w00t:
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