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    I bought a couple of games i ended up wanting to return. They were unopened so all was OK. Despite not having automated returns an advisor gave me an RMA number and the address to send it to.

    Its been 2 weeks since i posted it back and nothing. They want a proof of postage before they can look into it, but because their address was freepost i didn't get anything from the post office.

    Anyone else returned stuff to zavvi, this is just plain annoying.
    I miss amazon's service right about now


    I'm sorry to say this, but you should have got proof of posting EVEN WITH FREEPOST. Specifically, as there is no receipt in such cases you should have asked for a 'Certificate of Postage'. This is a form the post office counter staff fill in (name and address of retailer etc) and stamp with their official PO stamp. This is your proof of postage if the item vanishes in transit.

    Unfortunately, without this proof of postage certificate you really are in a bad position. All Zavvi can investigate is whether or not their returns department have messed up. If they claim they never received it, then their part is done. As far as I understand, the responsibilty with missing post resides with the sender (in this case you!). So any compensation claims against the Post Office for the missing items with would be between you and the Post Office not Zavvi. However, you need proof of postage to make compensation claims against the Post Office for missing items.

    All is not yet lost though. I've had items take up to 3 weeks before Zavvi has acknowledged receipt of returns!

    Hopefully this resolves in your favour. Remember though, in future ALWAYS get proof of postage whether an item is freepost or not.

    I had same issue I sent two week ago, no news but I did sent 1st class recorded they told me I had to pay as I ordered and wanted to return.

    Contacted they and they said not received they ask for proof of sending..
    Good job I had reciept.

    They processed it now. So not too bad

    Without proof of postage you are up sh*t creek without a paddle.
    Next time just ask for a proof of posting certificate at the post office, it's free.
    Now it's a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping it gets there and that they refund you.

    In my experience, even proof of postage is no good with customer services like Zavvi. I sent back tracking post, fine it cost me a few quid but i had a big order to return. Everytime i called them, they kept saying the returns department might not have recieved it/might be processing it. Every consecutive week, i had to repeat my entire conversation of old times back to a new advisor, and the only thing that used to shut their excuses up was me saying to them to check the tracking id on royal mail track and trace service. Took me about 6 weeks to get the money back and a lot of hassle...totally put me off them.
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