Zavvi vouchers - what wil happen... they are in administration? I bought some vouchers for family for xmas for zavvi


    go and spend em quick

    tell who ever you bought them for to spend them quick. lol

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    Thanks! Will tell them to get up there on 27th!…stm
    "All of Zavvi's stores should be open as normal on Boxing day, for its traditional post-Christmas sale."

    I'm sure it was zavvi I was reading about, but they have a big pot put to one side purely to cover the cost of vouchers issued, so I'm fairly sure they will be safe and covered.


    If there is any truth in this you may be in trouble…=69

    there is a sign on all there shop fronts saying they won't accept any vouchers or cheques, including there own i presumed.

    Paddy Charlie;3852997

    If there is any truth in this you may be in trouble … If there is any truth in this you may be in trouble

    they have gone into administration today.
    sorry didn't read it properly,

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    They are not accepting vouchers, so thats some of the money I spent on parents down the drain as if bought before 27 November you wont be able to send off for a refund, I will be an unsecured creditor
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