Zeek app: any good/bad experiences?

Found 5th Jul 2015
I am looking for a way to buy (and possibly sell) vouchers, gift cards and mobile phone top-ups. In particular I'm interested in trading Argos, Amazon and Virgin Mobile top-ups. I have read mixed reviews of the Zeek app. Has anybody any direct experience? Are there alternatives? I'm fairly new to this. Thanks.
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Not the best review but I have used it once and I got a £65 Amazon voucher for £58. There are a lot of £5 off your first order vouchers on the internet which is why I got such a large discount. It's worth using even if it's just the once! App itself seems to be quite large in size and a little bit clunky to use. No experience of selling though.
It's a good app. Just follow the rules.
I like the app, I buy vouchers off there regular from the group on deal recently.

Never sold anything although I do have an expensive superdry and sports direct voucher to sell on there that I am debating on.
i sold seversl vouchers with Zeek and it worked like magic. it was sold very quick and i got my cash several days afterwards.
Also been buying on there for about 4 weeks - all fine & I have bought a lot of vouchers. Biggest 'issue' was getting paper voucher when expecting a Love 2 Shop gift card. Their customer services is good (though as I say I have never had a real issue). Never sold through it.
Worst app ever

i sold seversl vouchers with Zeek and it worked like magic. it was sold … i sold seversl vouchers with Zeek and it worked like magic. it was sold very quick and i got my cash several days afterwards.

​Are the fees 7%... Is the discount you give, up to you? Heard must give at least 10% off...
I wouldn't recommend them. Tried to buy a £25 gift Card from Currys yesterday, using £5 promo. Tried paying for it but kept declining, 5 times before it eventually went through. Then in Wallet the voucher was blank no Serial Number it just stated Contact Support. Went to use our Card but Natwest blocked it due to potential Fraud. Checked and they had taken 5 x £1s and also the remaining total for actual Voucher. As Card was blocked none of my amazon orders got despatched as card couldn't be charged.

Sill not yet had any meaningful replies, acknowledgement of requested refund from Zeek or anything to actual resolve the none receipt of egift card.

Brought an itunes voucher that had already been redeemed, sent an email to Zeek customer service and still 11 hours later on a saturday have had no response back from them regarding the issue.
Just purchase an iTunes voucher off Zeek. First time it came up on my mobile Zeek app that it was an invalid voucher, so went to purchase another one. That has gone through fine, but then I realised that alive still been charged for both vouchers, and the "already redeemed" one has still been added to my Zeek Wallet. Just contacted them via email, hopefully they will be able to sort it. First and probably last time I'll bother using them if I end up being given the run around.
Awful paff to sign in. They want to use your Social Media accounts or to email you a link - every time you want to sign in. I presume it's to drop cookies & spy on your browsing. Tried selling a voucher. For a £50 voucher promised £40.50 cash. Big cut, but needed cash in a hurry and they state most sell within 48 hours. 48 hours after registering my voucher, its still not even up for sale. Got a message to say the details were incorrect, but they're not. Contacted Customer Services & heard nothing. No cash in a hurry then. Frustrating :-(
I'm having a bit of a battle with them.

First off they ran an offer, £5 credit for every £50 you spend so I spent >£300 and got £15 credit, not £30 as promised. Next I tried to use the £15 but they offered me £30 credit if I loaded and spent £200. OK so I brought an Asda gift card, paid with PayPal (which went though OK) and was then told that they needed to confirm my email address. The same email address which I clicked the link in to sign in with...

OK, so I reply to their 'security email' only to then be told they now want pictures of my driving license & a utility bill!! This means that even though I've successfully brought from them before, paid though my PayPal confirmed email address, replied to their 'security email' it isn't enough.

So I've just scanned in and sent them copies of my license & recent credit card bill but I'm not holding my breath. Other reviews suggest they can be a bit flakey and I'm wondering if the real reason they want all this is data mining a la Facebook 'Analytics' as the details I've just sent them are quite valuable.

I'll give them 48 hours and if they fail to honor I'll post an update.
I must be psychic:

Thanks for making a purchase on Zeek!
Unfortunately it looks like our automatic security system has found an issue with your account.
Please note that your purchase of £230 has been cancelled and fully refunded on 30/04/2018.

We are still inquiring into your case and would be very grateful if you could contact us at support@zeek.me so that we can reach a solution as quickly as possible and ensure that you can continue to enjoy the savings Zeek has to offer.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Zeek Team

Actually it's £200 they've refunded as the offer was for £30 credit.

So they know my confirmed PayPal account details, email address (also confirmed), phone number, home address (of more than 30 years), have more than £300 of previous sales to that name + address, have copies of my driving license & bank details but are still not happy and apparently not going to honor the £30 credit offer. I thought it was a bit suspicious that they needed all this personal info and now they've got it it's 'thanks and goodbye sucker!!!'

Well I can say this, I most definitely won't be emailing their support. I'm not that stupid.

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