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    I have a £5 promotional/free Zeek code, so I opened up a Zeek account and entered the code. On their site, it says that you only have 10 days to use up the code. I've been looking daily but there is nothing at all for £5 on their site. Am I allowed to buy a card on there, say for £15 and apply the £5 credit and pay the difference, or do you have to pay for the cards in Zeek credits only? Thank you.


    Yup, you get £5 off any cards you buy so a £10 card will cost you £5

    Just as a heads up.. you have 2 different types of cards available - online and offline (for use in store only and not online). Be aware which one you are buying, some retailers have both while others are one or the other.

    Your £5 discount applies to both types but just in case you any to place a website order make sure you don't buy a physical gift card that needs sent out to you in the post.
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