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Hi, okay not for everyone one but there is an app in the playstore called zello and it lets you use your phone or tablet just like a walkie talkie, uses very little data so can be used why mobile, great to talk to other people about anything from the weather, politics or even what you had for your tea, it is great just to have a chat to people from all over the UK or even other countries. essexham.co.uk/new…tml

If you load Zello, I can highly recommend the Network Radios system. It is mainly licenced amateurs, but not only so, some people have no interest in radio at all.
To use Network Radios, you load channel one, call for a moderator to activate you & then load a few other channels. It is busy, moderated & full of interesting people to talk to.
Just to confirm. it is Network Radios with a gap in the middle & an s at the end of radios & the logo in the image below.

If for example you want to talk about football then search on zello "football" it will come up with several various channels you can join to chat all about football with other like minded people.
You can even make and name your own channel and name it after your favourite hobby.


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The main advantage I see PTT radios having is they work without requiring network coverage. This makes them good for large events when mobile masts can get overwhelmed. Also road trips as network coverage can be dodgy when travelling in a car at speed or through tunnels etc. Lastly they're good for all day battery and sturdy if they're dropped. I couldn't really see the benefit of Zello. If you have good network coverage then sms, whatsapp/viber/telegram/imessage seem like good instant message options. You can even send voice clips if you want or start a voice conversation. When having a voice conversation the screen of your smart phone is free to turn off to save battery. I seem to remember when I tried Zello the push to talk button was on screen so the screen was on the whole time and that kills battery.
I think it's a starting avenue for people interested in PTT but haven't (for whatever reason) got a PTT. Not entirely useless
I'm not sure PTT ever took off over here like it did in the states. I've had a few US phones and quite a few had the PTT capabilities but the cell carriers in the UK never allowed it
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PTT over cellular was used buy some events for the 2012 olympics, it worked OKish but was not overly impressed, delayed calls (sometimes 5 or 10 seconds after you'd spoken your voice was received on the recipient phone)

Zello could be useful and it can integrate with regular professional radios, so Zello allows 'skirts and suits' (ugh) to keep in contact with the production line radios without having to carry a bulky portable radio around. So cleaners, workers etc have radios and managers have an app to keep an ear on their staff...that's one way of using Zello
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