Zen Vision:M 30GB MP3 Player

    I am really interested in buying a Zen Vision:M MP3 player and wondered if anybody knew of anywhere selling this at a reasonable price? The cheapest I could find was £170. If anybody could beat this I would be extremely greatful.:pirate:


    it's £170.49 at ]Amazon

    maybe go thru Nectar for 340 points

    Pixmania have them for £170.80 + P&P but you may be able to use a voucher from the ones on here and you get 3% quidco as well which would make it cheaper still.

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    [SIZE=2]:thumbsup: Cheers for the replies. Looks like £170 is the cheapest price available. That pixmania deal sounds handy with the quidco included. Thanks again!:pirate:[/SIZE]

    great player btw, you won't regret it.

    Seconded. I bought this player at the beginning of the summer from Amazon for about £180 i think and have not stopped using it. Great for listening to music to and from work and in the evening I upload tv programmes I want to watch that I've downloaded, hook the Zen up to the tv using TV cable (from ebay for about £3) and watch my fav programmes on the big tv....ahhhh bliss

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    Sounds great. Gonna take the plunge and get one I think. BirdieUK what sort of cable am I looking at to connect this to the TV? This would be a real treat if i can get my mitts on one of these too :thumbsup:
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