Zero G Strider, Air Walker, Cross Trainer - Help needed


    I just wondered if anyone has a manual or website for a 'Zero-G Fitness Strider'.

    I bought one off ebay, and can't seem to work out how to loosen the legs, they're almost as if I have swung forward too far and now I can't get them in floor position to start from.

    Any ideas ?

    The lady that sold it told me you have to move a screw, or bolt thing but I can't seem to find the one she means

    I have also asked the seller but no response yet



    google the make and model number - you might be able to download a manual

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    Google is always my first port of call and all it's giving me is a weightloss forum with messages from 2003 or erman web sites, nothing seems to have a manual even when I translate the pages
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