Zgemma 2s question about feeding to another tv

Posted 1st May 2016
I have a zgemma 2s and use to have sky ,i have a tv upstairs with a coax cable down stairs can i get a signal from the back of the zgemma if i bought a Rf modulator to send the signal upstairs ,thanks K69
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where on the receiver would you able to plug something in to do what you want?

I just use kodi on my firestick and connect to my reciever down stairs. I have 3 tvs running off one receiver that way.
It's a shame they didn't put a coax output on the zgemma like the old sky boxes. I have never used an RF modulator but assuming that the phono connectors on the back of the zgemma are output and not input then it should work. Or can yiu get a modulator that has HDMI input with HDMI and RF output. Just make sure that your TV upstairs has an analogue tuner.
You can send hdmi over coax but it's steep at around £80 on ebay. Maybe cheaper to replace the aerial with a cat5e cable.
Yeah you can get hdmi wall plates now so as the above post suggests, change the cable and get an hdmi splitter to split the output of the box.
Slighty off topic, sorry to hijack the thread.

I have been looking at getting a zgemma box, currently on virgin, so assume I would have to get the cable version the H2s.

I just want to know who you guys use as the line provider, if that is the correct terminology. Ie who do you subscribe to, to receive the channels, also are they in HD.

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