ZGemma Star 2S - Setup

Found 26th Sep 2015
Does anyone have any idea how to setup Zgemma box using usb pen drive.
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Download your preffered image onto usb and flash. Make sure box has sat feeds connected and scan for channels. Depending on what you are needing you'd box to view you will probably need to install Oscam from plugin menu, then ftp info to your box. If you haven't got a clue you can buy one fully configured
Go to techkings website and search for zgemma star 2s and you will find images from sucmnsee and download one of them to a completely empty flash drive, turn off your box, insert the pen drive and turn the box on and it should install the image. After that you do as the dude above said and ftp your info to the box and you will have everything set up
Thanks 'Gazjac' and 'Cameronswift'
I have a set of code for my zgemma and have them via email can I put the on my sub and the straight to my box or am I missing something???!?
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