Ziffit, Music Magpie, Momox & WeBuyBooks Comparism Test

Posted 3rd Jul 2017
I used Ziffit.com to sell a collection of CD's as I didn't have the time to list so many on EBay and mess about with postage etc. They offered £85.38. Later I wondering if it was a good price so compared Ziffit, Music Magpie, Momox and We Buy Books. Some of the price differences was staggering - See Elvis Presley Hymnbook (blue cover) I got £2.93 best offer was Momox at £10.36. Spotted same CD on Amazon and they want £130 for it. Another CD called Ykant Tori Read I accepted 36p and could have had £8.26 on Momox. Too late for me as the parcel was already on its way. 88 CD's in total with a couple of duplicates. Out of the 88 CDs Ziffit had the best price on 40 of them. Music Magpie only 11, Momox 21 and WeBuyBooks with 17. And there was 1 drawn item

Final totals: Ziffit £85.38 Music Magpie £75.43 Momox £96.70 We Buy Books £64.09.

However by combining the best prices and sending 4 parcels instead of 1 (all provide free shipping) the total increases to £128.42

A bit of work I admit copying and pasting barcodes but 2 hours work would have saved me £43 if I had done this last week. Worth thinking about if you are thinking of selling your CD collection having gone digital. I advise downloading the barcode reader from Ziffit to your phone and scan through your items. Then use the basket from Ziffit to copy/paste barcodes into the other sites having multiple tabs open to save time.
Please excuse the pictures below with prices. The conversion from xcel to paint took away some of the quality
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Take no notice of Amazon marketplace seller prices, but always good to do comparisons with the other companies.
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