ZIP Problem

    Naomi is waiting for a bus to take her to Brent Cross shopping centre. When it arrives she tries to get on, but because shes wearing a very tight mini skirt, she can't get her leg up onto the first step of the bus. So she reaches behind her, undoes her zipper a little and tries again to get on the bus. But she cant - her skirt is still very tight. So she again reaches behind her and undoes the zipper a little bit more. But she still cant lift her leg.
    Shes getting a bit flummoxed (anxious) now because there are people behind her waiting to get on. So she reaches behind her a 3rd time and yanks the zip all the way down. But she cant believe it she still cant lift her leg.
    Just then, the man directly behind her picks her up and drops her into the bus. Instead of thanking him, Naomi turns to him and says angrily, "How dare you? Only a close friend would dare do such a thing."
    The man smiles at her and says, "Please forgive me. After the expert way you dealt with my zipper, I really thought we were friends."


    I like it!

    nice one


    Woman on a train sits opposite a dirty old man. The dirty old man takes a bag of prawns out of his pocket and starts to eat them... he throws the shells on the floor... when he is finished he rolls the bag up into a ball and then throws it at the woman.

    The woman gets up and starts to pick up all the prawn shells puts them back in the bag then puts it in her pocket... she leans over and pulls the emergency stop ..

    Dirty old man says.. "stupid cow what did you do that for you get a £50 fine.."

    Womans then says to man... " maybe.. but when I tell the police about you .. you'll get 5 years..."....
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